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Safeguarding & Protecting Every Child – 2017 Conference Schedule

Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child

The Second National Early Years

Safeguarding and Child Protection Conference

Conference Schedule

Friday 3rd November 2017

Conference Twitter Hashtag: #EYSPEC

09.00: Delegate Registrations, refreshments, stalls and networking

09.30: Welcome and introduction – Laura Henry

09.35: Dr. Stuart Shanker – Self-Regulation and Vulnerable Children (Film)

10.05: Q & A, discussion and thoughts – Laura Henry

10.15: Leroy Logan – Who is safeguarding the 1000s of young people at risk to knife / gun crime & how it has to be dealt with

11.00: Break – refreshments, stalls & networking

11.20: Welcome back from break – Laura Henry

11.25: Hibo Wardere – Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the effect this has for Early Years

12.10: Break – lunch, stalls & networking

13.15: Welcome back from lunch and introduction to “Present and Panel” – Laura Henry

13.20: Jemma Mortlock – Being in care, a story to share

13.40: Sarah Goff – Listen to me! Don’t talk over me! Protecting Disabled Children; voices, choices, challenges

14.00: Ann Marie Christian – Roles and responsibilities of the designated safeguarding lead

14.20: Thanks to Panel and discussion – Laura Henry

14.30: Jane Evans – Supporting Early Years Children who have lived with family and community based threat and violence

15.10: Break – refreshments, stalls & networking

15.30: Welcome back from break and introduction to “Voices of Children” film

15.35: Screening of “Voices of Children” film

16.05: Introduction of Speakers / Panel – Laura Henry followed by thoughts, feelings and reflections from the film

17.00: Close of Conference – Laura Henry

2017 Conference Supporters


A membership organisation for Early Years Trainers and Consultants in the UK

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Pre-school Learning Alliance    

The Pre-school Learning Alliance is the largest and most representative early years membership organisation in England. A registered educational charity, the Alliance represents 14,000 member settings and supports them to deliver care and learning to over 800,000 families every year.

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Virtual Support UK Ltd 

“Assistance from a Distance” – specialising in Administration support for the Early Years Sector.

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