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Awardlogo06GOLD image004My award winning book “Play Foundations – Senses”, in which children discover a range of ‘senses’ to promote their learning and development skills, offers simple and quick activities to do with children aged birth – three. This spectacular book won a Practical Pre-School Gold award!

I also have my own publishing company: Dip-in-and-dip-out-books™


Introducing Jo-Jo and Gran Gran – my new Children’s Book!

Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran is a fresh, new book series based on a pre-school child and her grandmother, showing the special and loving relationship that they have.

Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran All in a Week (first book), depicts Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran counting down the days until they see each other.

Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran is an intergenerational book and colleagues say that they love the way it reminds them of their own relationship with their grandparents, making the book emotive and appealing to both children and adults alike.

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A to Z of Inspiring Early Years: Paragraphs

Laura’s Rhymes


Introducing Personalised Early Years Policies and Procedures

II can now  also provide you with a personalised, branded and bound set of policies and procedures unique to your setting.

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