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Play Poster

I am delighted to be selling this inspiring poster, which shows in detail what children ARE learning when they play!


To purchase a copy, please email: admin@LauraHenryConsultancy.Com


Baroness – SEND

I am extremely pleased that Baroness Hollins, has personally endorsed this bespoke research based Early Years SEND training.

“I am delighted to endorse this event. I’ve known Cristina and her work for many years, and value her passion for empowering people of all abilities. She is an excellent trainer, bringing a positive and motivating approach that inspires people to build communities where everyone can belong and everyone is valued.”

Sheila Baroness Hollins

Early bird discounts are still on offer!

Please see the link for this course, for further information and to book:

Research led SEND training, with a world renowned SEND specialist:

I look forward to working with you ALL again.

Mindfulness in Schools – Canadian Radio Show

I was delighted to discuss mindfulness in schools, with Leslie Roberts, of CJAD Montreal, News, Talk, Radio Canada.

Please listen below:



Mindfulness in Schools

I was delighted to contribute to this article in the Guardian newspaper.

New!! Free Podcasts!! Laura Interviews Early Years Leaders

In this new podcast series, I’ll be interviewing a range of Early Years leaders – from the UK and further afield.

These leaders will include managers, senior staff, head teachers, directors, childminders, owners and other educators whose practice and/or approach is inspiring and should be shared.

The beauty of these podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere: on your phone, tablet or computer – it’s literally training on the go!

Podcasts can also be shared more widely, such as for induction programmes, training days and staff meetings.


I’ve also produced a reflective log that supports professional development, where listeners can record their reflections and state how they may act on what they’ve listened to in order to improve their practice. If you would like to complete the reflection and receive a certificate to demonstrate your commitment to professional development please email admin@LauraHenryConsultancy.com and we will email you the reflection and issue you […]

NMT review of my book

I am delighted with the review of my Children’s Book, Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran, All in a Week in the recent edition of NMT!

If you would like a copy – you can purchase from my online shop or Amazon

New!! – Personalised Induction Programme

Personalised Induction Programme

Laura has created a unique induction programme for Early Years settings. Included within this reflective programme are documents for the line manager to use and a reflective document where the member of staff should state their understanding and knowledge of the setting’s values, policies and procedures, national legislation and guidance. There is also a unique document where Laura has cross-referenced the Common Core to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Documents included in the programme:

Induction programme for the employee – example
Induction programme for the employee
Induction programme outline
Annual declaration form
Common core and EYFS
Recruitment checklist

Please click here for more information

Talking Early Years in Dubai

A brief clip of an interview that I did last year in Dubai at the GESS education show.

Please click on link to view:



MicroBizMattersDay 2017

The annual Micro Biz Matters Day takes place on Friday 13th January, 2017, and to celebrate I’m sharing 13 of my business tips, as part of the #MicroBizMattersDay (@MicroBizMatters) #IGave13 campaign.

A massive thank you to Tony Robinson (@TonyRobinsonOBE) and Tina Boden (@microBizGirl) for everything they do for micro businesses in the UK and internationally.

Follow your passion and heart
Attend local, national and international networking events
Remember the three Cs: Connect, Collaborate and Care
Use social media positively and frequently
Know your worth, define your brand and USP
Know your niche and own it
Be generous with your time and protect your time
Work/life-balance; make time for family and friends
Set  realistic goals and expectations
Be polite, positive and kind, it can be tough as a micro business
Come out of your comfort zone
Take part in Micro Biz Matters Day events
Finally, remember to smile!

Follow the conversation on Twitter: @MicroBizMatters

BBC National Radio

I was delighted to be invited to speak on the Mark Forrest show, discussing Early Years and parenting.

Please click on the link to listen, at 15:16 in: