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Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran

Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran is a fresh, new book series based on a pre-school child and her grandmother, showing the special and loving relationship that they have.

Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran All in a Week (first book), depicts Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran counting down the days until they see each other.

Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran is an intergenerational book and colleagues say that they love the way it reminds them of their own relationship with their grandparents, making the book emotive and appealing to both children and adults alike.

The idea of Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran is loosely based on Laura’s relationship with her own grandmother.

“As a grandparent myself it demonstrates the adorable bond between a grandmother and her grandchild, and the deep-rooted love this relationship brings.”

Sue Jones, grandmother and CEO of Evolution Childcare

“Laura has skilfully captured the depth of a relationship between generations. Children and carers alike will love turning the pages of this book together and relate to […]

BBC One ‘Right on the Money’

I was delighted to be the Early Years expert on this episode of Right on the Money:

Please click on the link to view:

Unique personalised branded policies and procedures…

I am delighted to be working with Butterfly Print and have devised a full set of documents, in line with the requirements of registration.

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Childcare Conversations

A brief interview, via First Discoverers:  

GESS, Awards. Dubai, UAE

Delighted to be a judge at the GESS awards:


GESS – Dubai

Delighted to be featured in GESS news and to be speaking at their conference in March.


Off the shelf training….

My new resource supporting professional development:

Bespoke Early Years Training:

British Values

A colleague recently asked me my views on British Values.

This was my response:

Master Leaders

We are delighted to share that Laura Henry and Claire Warden of the UK have been chosen as Master Leaders in the field of Early Care and Education. They are the only UK Leaders out of 49 exceptional Master Leaders chosen from an international list of educators.

The judges felt that Laura and Claire met the following robust criteria:

Leadership — Experienced professionals (over age 45) who have proven themselves as able leaders in their organization, and who are taking leadership in building the profession and advocating for children and families at the local, state, and/or national levels.

Roles — Master Leaders include organization managers, advocates, trainers, writers, researchers, counselors, public officials, policy makers — anyone who has an impactful career trajectory serving young children, families, and early childhood professionals.

Knowledge Base — Professionals who show a deep understanding of early childhood research, principles and practices, including addressing diversity and equity.

 Spirit — Professionals demonstrating the ability to work collaboratively, to […]

Personalised childcare and school support

Having worked in Early Years for over three decades in a variety of roles, and regularly fielding requests to support parents with issues such as finding childcare and searching for a suitable school, Laura felt it was time to offer a bespoke service for parents so she could share her many years of experience.

Laura can help parents to explore options and make the best choices for their child’s unique needs.

Laura uses her professional coaching skills to sensitively listen and guide parents. She has developed these skills over many years working within Early Years, with roles ranging from nanny, nursery nurse, head, Ofsted inspector and lecturer.

“If you need an expert in Early Years education or sound parenting advice, I would recommend Laura Henry. She is extremely knowledgeable and is a truly inspiring individual. Laura is passionate and will work with you one-to-one to achieve your goals.” Saira Khan, TV Presenter & Motivational Speaker

More importantly, Laura has two grown-up sons and […]