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Watch Me as I Grow

A whole person approach to Early Years provision for children that are disabled.

Our Training day will explore the requirements of SEND legislation and how it provides opportunities to set forth a life’s journey in a positive and hope filled way. In 2010, I completed a research project which sought to ask questions about the whole of the lives of disabled people: Mind, body and Spirit. We discovered that our research partners, with disabilities, had powerful stories to share about their life but a sense that their stories were not being valued or welcome by society. Many parents spoke of how this lack of welcome gave them a sense of their child’s life being a problem rather than a joy. They spoke of how their child was disabled from their early years and that this negative culture followed them throughout their lives.

Parents and people with disabilities spoke of the struggle to find positive and well-formed provision from an early age, where their child would be educated in a way that was positive and creative. It is in these years that a whole person approach can make a huge difference, enabling life rather than disabling the possibility of each and every human person.

Early Years provision sets the road for the future, where valuing and celebrating difference must take preference over seeing a child as having a deficit. A whole person approach will make all the difference!

This training session training will:

  • Explore personal and cultural issues surrounding disability and models of disability
  • Explain a ‘whole person approach’ to supporting Disabled children in their Early Years.
  • Show how to apply a ‘whole person’ approach to person centred provision.
  • Encourage positive APDR and assessment skills that are asset based and uses
  • Look at the opportunities presented by the SEND legislation for early years provision
  • Discuss the importance of early intervention for SEND, how educators can support children in the development of their Education Health and Care plan and in a way that respects their future, welfare, well-being, care and education
  • Explore how we can meet regulations of SEND legislation in a way that is skill focused and not deficit focused
  • Explore opportunities for positive interaction with parents in a way that is supportive and values the life of their child
  • Support parents in a way that is positive and values the creative differences of their child
  • Explore how Every Body’s story can be enabled rather than disabled

About Cristina

Cristina Gangemi is a consultant in the field of Disability. She holds a Master’s degree in this area and is Director of The Kairos Forum, which focuses on enabling communities to be places of belonging for people with a disability. She has had extensive experience in Special Education Needs, training a range of educational schools, Early Years settings and in parent support. Cristina has undertaken innovative and creative research with the University of Aberdeen and people who have been intellectually disabled. Her research ‘EveryBody Has a Story’ (2010) has produced approaches to SEN which involve and celebrate the whole person, body Mind and Spirit. Cristina is also a national adviser to the bishops of England and Wales and works closely with Vatican Councils. Cristina, has worked closely with Baroness Sheila Hollins, on her advisory board and the Baroness book. ‘Books beyond words’. Her work is recognised and valued both nationally and internationally.

Endorsement of the Training by Baroness Hollins

I am delighted to endorse this event. I’ve known Cristina and her work for many years, and value her passion for empowering people of all abilities. She is an excellent trainer, bringing a positive and motivating approach that inspires people to build communities where everyone can belong and everyone is valued.

Baroness Sheila Hollins

This is a full day training course and every delegate will receive a set of extensive handouts and materials to use in their setting and a certificate of attendance

The course is held in a plush training venue and includes a three course restaurant lunch and unlimited refreshments.

Friday 23rd June 2017 – limited places available

Venue: Croydon – close to public transport and easy car parking

Early Bird Special Offer Deals!

Book before Friday 28th April 2017 for the special discounted price of £95.00 plus VAT per Delegate

Investment: £125.00 plus VAT per Delegate

Package Deal

If you book a space on this training before Friday 28th April and also the “Helping Children Self-Regulate their Behaviour” and “The Key Person and Settling In Approach” we can offer you a further discount!

The total price for the 3 places is just £255.00 plus VAT – which equates to £85.00 plus VAT per Delegate per Training Course! 

Note: This offer is per Setting or Organisation, it does not have to be the same Delegate attending all 3 of the training courses. 

Full Rate Investment with Discount for Package is: £300.00 plus VAT – which equates to £100.00 plus VAT per Delegate per Training Course

Email: admin@LauraHenryConsultancy.com for more information or to reserve your place