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We need to talk too!

“Truly great leaders spend as much time collecting and acting upon feedback as they do providing it” Alexander Lucia

As of late I have been very busy delivering supervision training in line with the revised safeguarding and welfare requirements of the EYFS.


One issue that comes up time and time again, irrespective of whether the delegate is a manager or owner, is that they receive no supervision or have a one-to-one with anyone. This is the same whether their setting is in the private, voluntary, independent or maintained sector.

This worries me slightly, as I believe that this should be in place for many different reasons: to discuss leadership and management issues, to focus on their own personal and professional development and, more importantly, to discuss how they support staff to make a difference to children’s learning and development.

Over the years I have coached, mentored and carried out supervision with managers and owners, with a focus on developing the managers’ skills and talents, internal restructuring and fine tuning the managers’ leadership style in order to continuously develop the provision.

Within these meetings I set realistic actions, making sure that the manager stays focused on the task in hand.

With this in mind, if you are a manager and or owner, please feel free to get in touch laura@childcareconsult.co.uk as to how I can effectively support you and your setting to enhance practice, via one-to-one sessions.

Please see my other blog on supervision: http://laurachildcare.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/at-last-supervision/

In addition, my new Effective Supervision Course, via The Childcare Company: http://sc2013.laserlearning.org/LLSC_CourseDetail.aspx?user=0&cc=33

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  • Barbara Easton

    Hello Laura,
    Your post resonates with me these days more and more. As I train and advise in a variety of early care and education settings, I’m noticing a trend that the ‘coaching’ or one-on-one director guidance opportunities are fast disappearing. It is sort of like teaching to the test for teachers, they get assessed and given their results on paper and have to write what they will do to improve, or test correctly the next time. I don’t think we provide enough time to chat and ask questions to help create support systems that help identify gaps in understanding or teaching strategies for individuals that will in turn build competence in theory and practice rather than the superficial fix for an assessment. My coaching shows a ever increasing gap between theory and practice for the teaching professionals who have been in the field for a longer time. Are you finding the same?

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