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Set Daily Challenges not Resolutions!

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”

Doug Firebaugh

This time of year there is an increase in gym membership, diets begin and all the other New Year resolutions that we have put off during the year come into action. We decide – it’s the 1st of January – this is when it all kicks off. Really, who are we kidding? How many of us honestly stick to our New Year resolutions?


For a few years now, I have stopped setting resolutions, concentrating more on setting professional and personal goals throughout the year.  I make the goals more specific and realistic; in a way that they do become achievable.

I had the pleasure of speaking to managers at a conference during the autumn and another speaker blew me away because of his inspirational views and the goals that he set himself. This motivational person is Jamie Andrew. www.jamieandrew.com  In short, Jamie is a Scottish mountaineer who had his hands and feet amputated following a horrific accident in the French Alps. He has gone on to achieve so much, including raising thousands of pounds for charity.

During his speech Jamie spoke about setting daily challenges, something that Jamie personally knows a lot about. For instance, after Jamie’s amputation, his first challenge was to learn how to brush his teeth by himself.

I recently shared Jamie’s story with a group of managers and head teachers during a training session. When I asked if one of them would present their ideas to the group (mindful, perhaps, of their role and status) none of them offered to stand up and present. My message to them was simply if speaking in public is not your thing, then set yourself a daily challenge to make it your thing.

Therefore, irrespective of your role, status, working or not working what challenge have you set yourself today?

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  • psw260259

    Love this point of view Laura. I too long since abandoned new year resolutions – especially as if connected to losing weight I was not going to achieve them through lack of self will and motivation.

    However as you say realistic daily (or short term) challenges are achievable, and can be set at any time. The feeling when you have achieve your goal is amazing and boosts confidence to set another goal.

    Mine this year (and was not even a consideration on 1st Jan 12) was to start writing a blog, which I have achieved. I don’t know yet what goals I will set for myself in 2013 but I know that when thought occurs I will act on it.

    I look on it a bit like pre planning for the children – until the time is right, until the need for a goal or challenge is known – there is no point trying to guess what will be appropriate or achievable. A time and a place for everything..

  • Tracy Seed

    Happy New Year Laura…Yes, I also value setting myself daily challenges, particularly when there are so many things I want to achieve and this is a way of mastering all the things thanks for this Laura, being very present with what life presents and moving forward towards a goal, also knowing what is really driving us is so important too, this is some of my thinking behind my blog for taking stock and creating visions for 2013 – hope you don’t mind me sharing this here…. http://tracyseed.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/new-constellations-2013.html
    I look forward to working together during 2013

  • laurachildcare

    Thanks for sharing, Tracy. Indeed, every day is a challenge. But, if we take small steps we will get there. 🙂

  • masa

    I have learnt so much from all of you today by just reading all the blogs. I don’t even know where to start in my life currently. one thing I am sure is that we are going back to work tomorrow. i like to build a strong staff team at work place.

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