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We Are The World!

One of my key times within early years has been attending the World Forum on Early Care and Education events which take place at different locations around the world every few years.

The next said conference will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 6th – 9th 2014.

Of all the conferences that I have attended, I have found the World Forum to be the most profound, informative and inspirational, with a massive positive impact on my practice.  Listening to the world renowned Professor Stuart Shanker, bespoke presentation on brain development, and Professor Lillian Katz’s talks regarding her lifelong commitment to early childhood education were truly inspirational. Oh, and by the way, Lillian and I made the connection that we both attended Oxford Gardens, Primary School, in Kensington, London! To be able to share ideas and connect with colleagues regarding their early years practice is indeed a privilege. I’ve met colleagues from India, Nigeria and Australia, to name but a few countries. It is an honour that I have become friends with a number of colleagues via the World Forum.


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I love the inclusivity of the World Forum and how one is able to share knowledge and passion with others within thought provoking workshops and working groups; including play, men in childcare, family engagement and leading early childhood programs. Irrespective of your role within early years, be it a practitioner, educator, academic, teacher, the World Forum welcomes your input. To me this is what is special about this conference; rather than being spoken to, everyone is able to contribute and share their passion in an area of early years that is dear to their heart.

The World Forum organises local visits to early years settings/schools and local places of interest. I have thoroughly enjoyed this part of the World Forum as well. For example in Hawaii, I learnt how one setting works positively with parents as parents are able to trade their expertise, skills and talents to contribute to their child’s fees.

There are some colleagues who bring along their families and friends and this links into the World Forum’s ethos that we come together as one family. In addition, colleagues either before or after the World Forum have a holiday, within the locality or nearby countries.

So, if you would like to find out more about early years/education issues, share practice and visit other settings from an international perspective then join up to nine hundred other enthusiastic and dedicated colleagues from around the world.

It will be an experience that you will never forget!

To find out more information and to sign up to this one off experience, please click on the link below:


In addition, I am the National Representative for England, for the World Forum, so please feel free to contact me:

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