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The little red book and the revised EYFS 2014

Scanning the revised EYFS 2014 I noticed Section 2.5: “Practitioners should encourage parents and/or carers to share information from the progress check with other relevant professionals, including their health visitor…... Providers must have the consent of parents and/or carers to share information directly with other relevant professionals.”

To support this requirement I am sharing a few pointers, which I disseminate during training and consultancy visits with educators and teachers, regarding the importance of the child health book. This book is one way in which parents can communicate their child’s development with the key person.

The “little red book” contains important information that the setting could use to identify the child’s starting points and determine how to further support the child both in the setting and at home.

red book

It is also a positive way to start to build a long term, positive relationship with the parent.

Of course, parents have the right not to share the red book with you. However, most parents carry this book with them all the time, to share with their health visitor and GP.

In addition, at key points, such as when the child is being immunised or seeing the Health Visitor for developmental reviews, the key person could point out important information to the parent regarding their child’s learning and development.



Another use of the two year developmental review is the sharing of the two year progress check. The London Borough of Bexley and Oxleas NHS Trust devised an informative summary which I was fortunate to be able to share with Bexley providers when delivering my bespoke course on two year olds: ‘Neither one nor three, supporting the development needs of two year olds™.’ The sheet was presented in a sticker form which the key person or parent would place in the book.

I am sure you could commission a local printing company to produce something similar; if cost is an issue, why not band together with a few other providers to spread the cost?Please remember to reference Bexley and Oxleas NHS Trust as the original source.

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    Hi Laura,
    I currently deliver EYFS workshops for childminders in Hounslow and would be very keen to attend one of your workshops as soon as possible.

    Thank you
    Matilda Johansson
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  • Janett woodcock

    Good morning Laura

    Thank you for your information, I will be doing a workshop for the parents about the EYFS, I would like to attend your next training sessions.


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