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It’s good to talk!

#EYTalking is the FREE weekly ‘touch in’ within Social Media for anyone, be they a practitioner, childminder, teacher, educator, trainer, lecturer, tutor or assessor working within Early Years education or childcare nationally or internationally. We also have parents joining in. I created #EYTalking, managing it on a weekly basis. Topics we have covered include outdoor learning, parents as partners and literacy; we also have guest hosts, such as the Department for Education and other Early Years colleagues.

We share ideas as well as resources such as research and blogs. In addition, we comment on Early Years childcare and education issues.

Many colleagues have noted that #EYTalking is now one of their areas of continuous personal and professional development (CPPD), commenting that they write up reflections and actions to improve their practice, including sharing new ideas with colleagues and parents. For this purpose, I have created a useful reflective log (please click here to view) for colleagues to use.

During the week, colleagues continue to share ideas and practice, as well as asking specific Early Years questions, seeking advice or sharing a resource linking to practice. Colleagues use the hash tag #EYTalking to tweet their request or share content. I retweet, then others retweet or help with the query. You are therefore able to quickly access professional support from thousands of colleagues.

Furthermore, if you are organising an event, please feel free to share your event’s hash tag. We will retweet for you, to enable your content to be shared as widely as possible across the Early Years community.

Join this growing online community of passionate Early Years colleagues via Twitter every Tuesday between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. UK time and enhance your CPPD. Use the hash tag #EYTalking to connect and share with others.

Please see this short guide on getting started on Twitter or contact me for further information and support.

As the BT advertisement used to say ‘It’s good to talk’!

Please feel free to email me for further information.


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