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I recently shared this statement via social media: “Indeed, outstanding doesn’t mean that a setting is perfect! Quite the contrary, it is all about constantly improving from a 360% perspective.”


A few tips on consistently improving:

  • Clarity about your values and how they mirror in practice
  • Doing your best for every child
  • Staff form meaningful, personal and positive relationships with children
  • Environment challenges and supports children’s development
  • Teaching clearly supports children’s current development and their next stages
  • High standards in place, which staff are committed to
  • Robust leadership, which is different from managing
  • Rigorous auditing of practice not only completed by management, but by the whole staff team
  • Moderation meetings to discuss children’s learning and development
  • Stakeholder involvement and consultation
  • Meaningful and regular two-way communication between home and setting
  • Self-evaluation is a team effort
  • Full understanding of reflective practice and use as a catalyst to improve
  • Regular reflective professional development that impacts on practice
  • Child’s voice and opinions are heard

If you would like to discuss in detail how to consistently improve your setting, please feel free to contact me:


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  • Julie Wassom, Enrollment Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

    You hit the mark with this one, congratulations! I have already passed this along to a number of my clients. Nice to know there are like-minded folks in the industry all over the globe!

  • Andrea Turner

    absoluty true Laura. I’m often asked what makes us an outstanding setting time after time and this is the perfect answer.

  • augusta

    Hi Laura, I did not know you have been sending such useful biogs until i checked my junk mailbox.
    Thanks and I appreciate what you are doing. God bless.

    Augusta Foster

  • Catherine Lyon

    Great insight from a knowledgeable and experienced lady – who can express things concisely on paper!

    At our settings we have a saying ‘about being on our bus’ !

    Teamwork is as strong as the weakest link but that link can be supported within a team that is naturally ‘nurturning’ and ‘encouraging knowledge and skills’. Working together within the ethos for the mission and ultimate vision. We also say ‘together we can achieve the extraordinary’.

    Those not on our bus, need to be helped to leave, in the kindest way possible as we all care for each other and must put the needs of the children first; some people are just not able/cut out to do that.

    • Laura Henry

      Thank you, Catherine. At times we need to support staff and at recruitment make known our values from the beginning. Some staff need extra CPD to support them.

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  • kanwal lachhar

    Refresher is a very useful word for getting or learning about any thing. Loved it

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