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2016: Conference Details

Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child

The First National Early Years
Safeguarding and Child Protection Conference

Friday November 4th 2016 9.30 am – 4.00 pm
CCT Venues – 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf London, E14 5NR


This important and thought-provoking conference was organised to support the Early Years sector, to enable educators to work proactively in a solution-driven and collaborative environment with children and their families.


In January 2016, prompted by the number of questions and queries that sector colleagues were posting on social media, as well as cuts in professional development that link to safeguarding and child protection awareness, Laura Henry-Allain sensed a need for a group on Facebook and started Early Years Safeguarding and Child Protection. The group is very successful and is the go-to place for colleagues to share and ask questions on safeguarding and child protection issues. This can only help to ensure that every child is protected and kept safe. There are close to 4,000 members now in this bespoke group and it was from this small start that Laura felt there was a need to come together and explore some of the issues.

 Keynote Speakers

John Carnochan OBE QPM (hon.) LLD FFPH
Early Years – the Closest Thing to Magic without actually being Magic

A child who is the victim of any adverse childhood experience will be significantly disadvantaged throughout their life. Knowing and understanding the circumstances that impact negatively on children’s well-being provides an opportunity to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors.

Primary prevention through the development of safe, stable and nurturing relationships between children and their caregivers must become a key component of national strategy and be placed at the heart of all our collaborative efforts.

John Carnochan was an active police officer for nearly four decades, including as deputyJohn%20Carnochan head of the Criminal Investigation Department within Strathclyde Police. He rose to the rank of detective chief superintendent and was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 2007. As the co-founder and co-director of the Violence Reduction Unit (with a Scotland-wide remit), John led a variety of successful initiatives in tackling gang violence, knife crime and domestic violence. John is an adviser to the World Health Organisation, lectures at the Scottish Police College, is a consultant for the Inter-American Bank and serves on the Scottish Government’s Early Years Task Force, as well on the boards of several groups (including Alcohol Focus Scotland, Children’s Parliament and the Poverty and Truth Commission). In 2013, John was on the public health faculty of St Andrew’s University. He recently co-authored a book On Being a Man (Luath Press 2014).

In June 2014, John “retired” and now works as an independent consultant and adviser on violence prevention.

In September 2014, John was appointed a senior fellow of the WAVE Trust.

Jane Evans – Parenting and Childhood Trauma Expert
Safeguarding Children Means Understanding the Impact of Early Years Trauma

A child’s brain and body is created and constructed by daily experiences of nurturing and self-soothing. When this is absent, erratic, aggressive or detached it causes stress and fear in the developing child, which increases their vulnerability in daily life. It is important to understand this when we look at protecting children and increasing their physical and emotional safety.

Jane Evans is widely known for her TEDxBristol talk on childhood anxiety, ‘Taming and jane1Tending Your Meerkat Brain’. She began her career with children and families over two decades ago working in pre-schools and as a childminder, family support and parenting worker, and as a foster carer. Jane is now a renowned TV, radio and social media parenting and childhood trauma expert.

Jane combines her vast experience of working with families with complex needs with her knowledge of the latest neuroscience and attachment research. She regularly speaks to, and trains, others to understand and use this in their direct work with children and families.
Jane is a sought-after parenting and anxiety coach and an acclaimed author of four books for children, which support complex needs.

Professor Dame Donna Kinnair – Head of Nursing, RCN

Lessons Learnt from Serious Case Reviews

Donna will be exploring key lessons learnt from serious case reviews and raising awareness in safeguarding and child protection. More importantly, she will look at how the Early Years sector can work more collaboratively with other key professionals to safeguard and protect children.

Professor Dame Donna Kinnair, DBE, RGN, HV, LLB, MA, joined the RCN as head of donna photonursing on 1st June 2015, providing leadership to the Nursing departments. In January 2016, Donna was promoted to executive director leading the Nursing, Policy & Practice departments.

Prior to the RCN, Donna held various roles including clinical director of emergency medicine at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust; executive director of nursing, Southeast London Cluster Board; and director of commissioning, London Borough of Southwark & Southwark PCT. She was the strategic commissioner for Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority’s Children’s Services. Donna advised the PM’s Commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery in 2010 and served as nurse/child health assessor to the Victoria Climbié Inquiry.

Dr Eunice Lumsden, Head of Early Years, University of Northampton

Appropriate Safeguarding and Child Protection Professional Development

What has the Early Years got to do with it? EVERYTHING!

Children are more likely to experience a range of traumatic experiences in the Early Years, including child abuse and the consequences of living in environments where domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse are prevalent. These experiences can impact across the life course and the cost to the individual and society can be immense.

This presentation challenges us to think about the rights of our youngest children to a professionalised Early Years workforce that understands their role in all areas of early childhood trauma. A workforce that proactively creates safe, nurturing environments and that promotes aspiration and life chances for all children.

elDr Eunice Lumsden has extensive experience in social work, specialising in safeguarding and adoption. She has advised on professional standards for Early Years in England and internationally. Eunice is the academic coordinator (Early Years) for the 1001 Critical Days Cross Party Manifesto.


Debbie Alcock – Influential Childcare Training


Too many people are over reliant on criminal record checks. They form just a small part of uncovering disqualifications, both at the time of recruiting new people and annually with all staff. The EYFS regulations state clearly that employing a disqualified person constitutes an offence, for which you could be prosecuted. However, they don’t say exactly what constitutes a disqualification. Of the 11 reasons for a person to be disqualified only five show up on a DBS. Are you secure in your knowledge of the other six? Do you do everything you need to ensure you can uncover the other six reasons and not be vulnerable in law?

Debbie has been in the childcare sector for 35 years. She began a career in inspection inpreview 1993 and moved to Ofsted in 2001. At Ofsted she worked as a policy developer for Early Years, a team manager, a field area manager and a regulatory inspector before starting her own company, Influential Child Care Training. Her new book Barred is a guide to help owners and managers of day care settings understand the complexity of disqualification.

Susan Taylor – Director of Tailormade Training Solutions

Working with Children Subject to Child Protection Plans

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 includes an expectation that Designated Safeguarding Leads ‘Have a working knowledge of Child Protection Case Conferences and are able to attend and contribute to these effectively when required to do so’.
Working with children who have allocated social workers can be complex and demanding. This workshop will tackle some of the anxieties and myths around working collaboratively with social workers and other professionals involved in the child protection network.

Susan Taylor is a registered and qualified social worker with over 17 years’ experience. TTS logoShe specialises in providing a range of powerful masterclasses, safeguarding audits and consultancy services. Her clients include local safeguarding children’s boards, local authorities, schools, colleges, voluntary organisations and nurseries.

Penny Webb BEM

Looked After Children/Transitions and Safeguarding

Safeguarding children is vital and all adults have a duty to safeguard all children. However, as shown through serious case reviews (SCR), not only do adults sometimes fail to work together and to share information to safeguard children; many also do not look at the bigger picture or consider safeguarding in the widest sense. Lack of knowledge, understanding and in some cases even common sense, can lead to children being expected to undertake academic tasks, daily routines, and even play experiences that they are not yet ready for due to gaps in their development, their emotional well-being and resilience levels – and most importantly their ability to trust adults who have, in generic terms, let them down in the past.
This workshop will explore how we can support all children, but in particular those who are in the Looked After system, and those who experience difficult home lives.

Penny Webb has been involved in the childcare sector for over 30 years, mainly as a Pennyregistered childminder but also on the staff of a local authority Early Years team. She also worked at NCMA (now PACEY) as a quality assurance assessor, as a tutor, and as a volunteer for many Early Years-based organisations.

Currently, Penny is a foster carer and an advocate for children, campaigning to ensure all children have opportunities to flourish

Rachel Buckler – Managing Director, Safeguarding Training Ltd

Leading and Managing Safe Practice in Early Years

This workshop will consider the role of developing and leading a culture of safe practice in Early Years settings, maintaining high standards in practice and promoting the welfare and safety of all children. It will consider how to develop effective leadership that demonstrates high standards in safeguarding and child protection practice and will be underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage. It will reference standards and descriptors within the Common Inspection Framework in relation to safeguarding and protecting young children.

Rachel is managing director of Safeguarding Training Ltd – Early Years Hub, a training and RB April 14consultancy company delivering a large range of courses including safeguarding-themed training to those working in Early Years, schools and children’s services. Rachel has extensive experience of working within social care and early childhood services both operationally and strategically.

Ann Marie Christian – Specialist Education Safeguarding Consultant

Safer Recruitment in the Early Years

Is the safer recruitment process effective in your setting?
This workshop will explore the challenges of safer recruitment. Lessons from serious case reviews will be analysed and shared. The recruitment process from job description to induction will be checked against Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016.
The characteristics of an abuser will be discussed as well as looking at the model of offending behaviour. Recruitment and selection is important and we need to get it right and create vigilant and open childcare settings.

Ann Marie is a safeguarding consultant and author as well as a qualified and registered ACsocial worker of 20 years who has been specifically involved with safeguarding in education settings for 17 years. In that time, she was a LADO, team manager, LSCB trainer, safeguarding adviser and senior manager responsible for quality standards of safeguarding within a local authority.

Andrew Ellery – Director: AE Social Care & Education Limited

Effective referrals – Maximising response

Despite rises in the demand for statutory child in need and child protection services, we are all too familiar with a response of ‘no further action’. This can, at times, be frustrating particularly where our concerns about the welfare, health and development of a child and/or family remain. This session will look at what the different statutory thresholds are and the responsibilities of Early Years/childcare services and statutory organisations. Additionally, we will explore the barriers to successful referrals and what a good referral looks like. With contacts (stage prior to referral) to children’s social care ever increasing, it’s important we frame our contacts/referrals in a way that clearly identifies the risks to the child in the areas that social care are responsible for.

Andrew Ellery is a qualified social worker and best interests assessor (deprivation of 2016-06-06 12.34.02liberty). He is currently an independent social worker, safeguarding consultant and trainer. He is on advisory panels with two of the leading academic publishers and currently supports organisations with child and adult safeguarding assurance and improvement.

The Conference was Chaired by Dr Julian Grenier

Julian Grenier is the headteacher of Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre in JonathanNewham, East London and is a National Leader of Education. He has a doctorate in education from the Institute of Education. Julian was a member of the Expert Advisory Panel for the Nutbrown Review of Early Years Qualifications and the Rose Review of the Primary Curriculum. He is the former National Chair of Early Education

Julian’s new book, Successful Early Years Ofsted Inspections, will be published by Sage in November 2016.

Feedback from some of the Delegates

“The conference was incredible and has given me so much information to pass on.
I did speak to Laura , and tweeted, but please pass on my huge congratulations and gratitude”

Fiona Sapler – London Borough of Redbridge

“Julie and I had an amazing day, it was thought provoking, energising and so informative.We have put the 3rd November in our diaries, we will return!! Kindly pass on our thanks to Laura and everbody who worked so hard to ensure the day ran so smoothly”

Angie Baldwin, Manager / SENCO – Holy Angels Pre-school

“I just want to say thank you again for the amazing conference today. The keyspeakers were so inspirational. Such powerful speeches making the whole experience a memorable one. Thank you so much for the organisation for such a successful event.
Look forward to many more in the future”

Carmen Powell, Quality Officer – SMART Business Group

“Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the conference on Friday. Excellent organisation!”

Alison Featherbee, Independent Early Years Advice and Support – Orange Caterpillar

“What an amazing day!”

Saffia Bullock, Managing Director – Bristol Childcare

Conference Reflections, Feelings and Thoughts

We have documented the Attendee’s Reflections, Feelings and Thoughts captured throughout the day on Laura’s Reflection Tree on this special page.

Official Photographs

The official photographs of the day can be viewed by clicking here!