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I was 2 busy listening 2 the grass grow

Prince, the creative genius, has sadly moved on and the world is in shock. Rightly so, his creativity was on another level.

On reading the many tributes to Prince, I read an article in the Independent, where he kindly replied to a fan’s letter.


A particular sentence in the letter stood out for me: “I was 2 busy listening 2 the grass grow.”

Some folks may wonder what on earth he meant by ‘listening 2 the grass grow’. We understand watching the grass grow, but listening to the grass grow? Are you for real, Prince?

I know exactly what Prince meant by this. He was too busy being creative. I wondered whether if he hadn’t had the time to ‘listen 2 the grass grow’ we would have had the opportunity to listen to the many inspiring musical creations over the years that Prince created.

prince ritzy

Reflecting back to childhood, children do need the time to use their senses, to have time to create and develop their own ideas.

This, in my view, is what childhood should be – creating the next generation of inspiring, unique, change makers.

Rest in Eternal Peace, Prince.

prince photo

Oh, and by the way, purple is my favourite colour!

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