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All about professional development…

I have at times read with interest on social media and heard on my travels, that providers believe that if they don’t undertake training then they will be penalised by Ofsted, with a few claiming that this was the reason they didn’t get Outstanding. To clarify, Ofsted do not require you to have undertaken face-to-face training.

I have said many times that language is important and that it is the term Continuous Professional Development (CPD) that should be used.

Training makes up only a small percentage of CPD. There are many other areas of CPD, including: reading research, journals, papers, blogs, visiting other settings, taking part in webinars, listening to podcasts and attending workshops, briefings and conferences. Training also includes connecting on social media chats, such as #EYTalking on Twitter, watching Facebook lives, inspirations from Pinterest and Instagram. It can even be watching a television documentary or listening to a radio broadcast.  I’m sure there is much more that I could add to this list, and most of this is FREE!

It’s always a good idea to have a CPD budget/plan and to prioritise what you feel is imperative to invest in – this could be to meet a legal requirement, a recommendation from Ofsted and/or a knowledge/expertise gap that you have identified within your practice. This way, you will begin to see a real return on investment.

You don’t need to collect hundreds of certificates. What is important is how the CPD has had an impact on children’s learning and development, changed the educator to be proactive and inspired them to make changes to their setting. The educator should be able to vocalise and show evidence of how the CPD has indeed made a difference. We must remember that whatever form the CPD takes, it has to be of quality in terms of linking to evidence or research.

This is why, a few years ago, I designed a resource to support educators with their reflections before, during and after taking part in a CPD activity. In addition, it will assist in helping to confidently and clearly share these reflections with an inspector.

Please click on the link to see:

Training and more.

If you have any issues about your inspection, please follow Ofsted’s procedures. Ofsted are there to help and assist.


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