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Personal experiences and professional theories

I recently read a thought-provoking, inspiring and personal blog post by Annie Richardson. I let Annie know how much I’d enjoyed reading it.

In it, she reflects on her family, growing up within a minority community and her career and journey into Early Years.

You can read her blog here.

For me, Annie has shown vulnerability by sharing her own narrative and this is something that Brene Brown’s informative research is based on, as she asserts her paradoxical view of how vulnerability can also be a strength. Indeed, Annie has shown courage and strength in sharing her personal and professional history.

Annie also reflected on whether it is better to share more head than heart in her blog. My opinion is that blogs should be from the heart: personal reflections, observations, a comment or whatever you feel you want to write. Blogs are different to writing an academic or research paper.

I am reminded of Dr. Jacqui Cousins’ phrase, ‘personal experiences and professional theories.’ In short, Dr. Cousins reflects on the importance of sharing our personal experiences and the impact that this has on our professional careers and the link to professional theories. She has also shared a quote by the Early Years pioneer Elinor Goldschmied, “We should never deny the impact of our own childhood experiences on our life-long development or on our professional thinking about young children… those personal experiences often provide a starting point for our action on behalf of young children… and on our professional theories about them…’. Elinor is so right and our childhood experiences do indeed have an impact on our day-to-day work with the little people and their families.

I have had further conversations with Dr. Cousins on her views and she reiterated her belief in their importance and how she used her personal experiences within her PhD studies.

I told Annie that I’m looking forward to reading more of her blogs and that she should consider writing a memoir.

I would encourage everyone to write a blog. It’s a powerful way of sharing and gives others an insight into your views and perceptions.

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