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Daily Archives: May 20, 2020

Notes on returning

I have been contacted by settings up and down the country and overseas, with dilemmas connected to what to do and what not to do as they get ready to welcome back (some schools and settings have remained open) children and their families following this period of lockdown.

Many have asked me to do an online webinar regarding returning to work.  I have, instead, offered personalised online coaching as I feel a one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate, as many settings and schools have a variety of needs and every setting/school is unique.

I have, however, put together some quick tips that should be relevant for everyone:

 Staff pre-session snuggle in:

If possible, get together as a team before you start, to reflect on the session ahead, even if it is for five minutes. An approach to consider is the KitBag approach,and this short clip. in brief, to ground yourself and acknowledge everyone’s feelings before the start of […]

Relationships and Connections

Part of my ‘why’ has always been about relationships and connections on a global level.


This short clip shows a number of inspiring people that I have connected with.