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Clean Up – Book Review

Clean Up is the scrumptious second book in the series by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola, where we see Rocket excitedly travelling to the Caribbean to see her grandparents, Grammy and Grampy. Rocket’s grandparents have an animal sanctuary and run whale-watching tours. How cool is this for Rocket!

While surfing, Rocket notices a baby turtle tangled in plastic and Grampy takes it back to the sanctuary. Rocket wants to do something about the rubbish on the beach and so the Clean Up Crew springs into action.

I love the factual ‘Did You Know’ pointers that thread through the book, telling us, for example, that Imani Wilmot created the first female surf competition in Jamaica, and that plastic makes whales sick. It’s a gentle way to inform children about the impact of waste on the environment and more specifically, on the beach.

This book is a must for parents to share at home and to explore issues such […]