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BEYT – Helping Children Self-Regulate their Behaviour

Helping Children to Self-Regulate their Behaviour

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A bespoke course for educators and teachers, looking at the importance of supporting children with their emotional well-being and emphasising the importance of helping children to self-regulate their behaviour

Course Intentions:

  • To explore developmentally appropriate ways to support children’s understanding and skills in this area.
  • To discuss what is meant by the term ‘self-regulation’ and the links to children’s personal, social and emotional development.
  • To help educators to feel confident by staying calm and responding in a competent and effective manner.
  • To share ideas on how to empower children to self-regulate their own behaviour.
  • To provide educators with strategies to support children with their emotions and behaviour.
  • To support educators in understanding the importance of a whole-setting, holistic approach to self-regulation.

Package Includes:

  • Presentation
  • Guidance Notes
  • Copies of Presentation for Trainer and Delegates
  • Additional Hand-outs for Delegates linked to the training
  • List of Resources to support this Training

Investment for settings:

£95.00 per training package for up to five settings

£75.00 per training package for settings with five or more settings

* Individual Trainers £145.00 per training package

In the case of local authorities, companies and organisations, please email to discuss: Laura@LauraHenryConsultancy.com

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