My award winning book “Play Foundations – Senses”, in whichAwardlogo06GOLD children discover a range of ‘senses’ to promote their learning and development skills, offers simple and quick activities to do with children aged birth – three. This spectacular book won a Practical Pre-School Gold award!

I also have my own publishing company: Dip-in-and-dip-out-books™

A to Z of Inspiring Early Years: Paragraphs

Laura’s Rhymes


Introducing Jo-Jo and Gran Gran –

my new series of Children’s books

Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran is a fresh, new book series based on a pre-school child and her grandmother, showing the special and loving relationship that they have.

Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran All in a Week

Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran All in a Week (first book), depicts Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran counting down the days until they see each other.

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Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran Twelve and a Half Days of Christmas

This is the second of the Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran books depicting Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran talk about, reflect on and plan what they are going to do as they count down the days to Christmas Day.

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50 Top Tips for Well-Being

This useful practical guide on well-being has a selection of free and cost-effective tips.There’s a top tip for everyone as Laura shares ideas including a selection of team building exercises, creating a positive workplace culture and keeping healthy.This book is a must for your workplace library.

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