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EY Pedagogy Club: Session 2

Child-Initiated Play and Learning:
Teacher-Framed Documentation and Reflection

Diane Kashin Blog: Technology Rich Inquiry Based Research

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Questions Participants considered for this discussion:

  • What do we think Diane means when she states, “I used to think it only followed the lead of the child, but I have come to understand that it is more complex?”
  • Do you agree with Diane’s reflection on scaffolding children’s learning?
  • Consider Diane’s opinion that, “The role of the teacher is to reflect, self-evaluate and self-direct to learn more.” How may this look in your setting?
  • Think about the use of photographs when documenting children’s learning. Do these add value to children’s learning and development? What else may we need to consider when documenting children’s views to inform our pedagogy that supports their learning and development.
  • What are your personal and professional light-bulb moments and what are your takeaways?

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