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KiSP© – Keep it Simple Planning

KiSP© – Keep it Simple Planning

Brand new resources and documents to support the planning process

Plus access to Laura’s recorded Training Webinar! 

Following training sessions across the UK and internationally as well as a successful webinar, a number of settings have asked Laura if they can use her unique documents to reduce the time spent planning and thus gain more time with children. With this in mind, Laura has decided to share these resources with the sector.

“Assessment should not entail prolonged breaks from interaction with children, nor require excessive paperwork. Paperwork should be limited to that which is absolutely necessary to promote children’s successful learning and development. Parents and/or carers should be kept up-to-date with their child’s progress and development. Practitioners should address any learning and development needs in partnership with parents and/or carers, and any relevant professionals.”

EYFS 2014

“A child-centered, key person approach making planning simple but meaningful. Easy team planning, saving time while improving quality. Works perfectly in the setting. Wish I’d thought of it! Brilliant. Thanks Laura.”

Kim Benham, owner, Sparkles Pre-School

This downloadable booklet contains examples of good practice as well as original templates. There is also a useful guide that explains the KiSP© approach.

Package includes:

  • Guide that explains the KiSP© approach
  • Original template documents
  • Examples of good practice
  • Access to Laura’s recorded Training Webinar

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If you have more than five settings, are an Organisation or Trainer / Training Company, please email: admin@laurahenryconsultancy.com to discuss your unique investment.