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Laura Henry’s Early Years Conversation Cards

 Laura Henry’s Early Years Conversation Cards

I have developed my range of Early Years Conversation Cards to enable children to listen, share and connect with their peers and adults and to support parents and carers to encourage open discussions with children.

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 Confident Talkers

“Why is this special to you?”confident-talkers-cards_page_001

“How do you know when your friends are sad?”

48 conversation cards to help you

  • start meaningful conversations
  • introduce new words and concepts
  • help children to develop active listening skills
  • assist children to think critically – which links to they key characteristics of effective teaching and learning

Starting School

Starting school is a big milestone – for you and your child. As a mother and a professional – supporting teachers around the world – I am very aware of what a big step it is.

These cards will give you the opportunity, at your leisure, to have open and frank conversations with your child about starting school.

They will also give you the opportunity to highlight issues and scenarios that you may not have thought of and help to frame discussions, linked to your child’s unique needs.


Moving On

These new 48 conversation cards are for parents or carers to use to encourage open discussions with children in the run-up to a home move.moving-on-cards_page_001

Moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences there is, generating not only a long list of practical tasks, from packing to informing utility companies, but also sometimes anxiety too. Children in particular can often worry about what the future holds in a home move, particularly if it involves a new school or moving away from family or friends. These cards will help you to stimulate open and frank conversations with your children about all sorts of subjects – from packing up and moving pets to making new friends and starting a new school.

Whether you are moving up the road or overseas, these cards are ideal for starting a conversation that can help to reassure your child. They can be used at home or on the go – any time that suits you!

“As a military family we’ve had several house moves as well as new schools. Talking about what’s happening can make it less daunting for children and anything that helps those conversations along is very welcome. These cards will be a great addition.”

Catherine Clarke, Military wife

I have split the questions into four colour-coded key areas:

    • Friends and family
    • Home
    • Location
    • School

Here are some comments from Early Years Experts, Educators and Parents who have used Laura’s Conversations for Early Years Cards

“You can use different scenarios and objects to set the scene, such as using something the child has created, describing what their lunch tastes like or discussing how they feel about a special event, such as their birthday or other celebration.”
Fi Star-Stone
Parenting Expert

“We also thought about when the cards might be useful … and have started choosing a card or two and challenging ourselves to include the open question prompt during children’s play sessions.”
Sarah Neville

“By engaging in conversation, using the questions on the cards as a guide, children can learn to elaborate their sentences – we know there’s a difference between how children communicate with each other and how they use their language skills.”
Amanda Frolich
International Early Years Physical Specialist

“I wanted to look at them through the eyes of a foster carer because I think they have huge potential in supporting foster children to express their thoughts and in making the needs known, as well as generally supporting conversations and language development.”
Penny Webb
Foster Carer and Childminder

“Of course as good practitioners, we use open ended questions, but we could all do with some help to enhance and build on what we do. It’s good to have a different question, which not only help the children to be confident talkers, but confident thinkers too.”
Kim Benham
Owner – Millie’s Pre-school

“We have also used Laura’s Conservation cards and find them a very useful tool to assist us to work with our children to develop their communication skills.”
Anne Doran

Another incentive, if you needed one, is that 10% of all sales will be donated to the Jermain Defoe Foundation, set up by the Sunderland FC striker to support homeless, vulnerable and abused young people in both his and Laura’s families’ home country of St Lucia.