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Now only available as part of Laura’s Early Years Club Membership Package

There are times when I’ve been asked to speak at a conference and have not been able to physically be there due to another commitment, much to my own disappointment as well as that of the organiser. One suggested that I do a pre-recording, to be played to delegates at the conference. I thought, yes, that makes sense, why don’t I record a few keynote speeches and share?

Hence this new resource!

In these speeches I answer questions on practice and reflective pointers, and in every keynote there are discussions on research and what this means in practice for educators and how this has an impact on children’s learning and development. I finish with reflective questions for attendees and/or viewers to debate and discuss, which will indeed go on to have an impact on their practice.

The viewer can stop and start the recording to reflect, make notes and discuss.

Once you purchase you can use these keynotes for a variety of purposes including conferences, inset days, training days, staff meetings, one-on-one sessions and to support the induction programme.

The beauty of this unique resource is that it is evergreen – you can use it when and where you like!

Keynote: Leadership in the Early Years

Keynote: Helping Children Self-regulate their Behaviour

Keynote: Working with Babies

For organisations with over 10 settings, trainers and consultants – please contact us at Admin@LauraHenryConsultancy.com

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