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World Nursery Rhyme Week

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Seeds of behaviour

My Podcast on behaviour via Paul Dix:

Seeds of behaviour:

Confident Talkers – Conversations for Early Years

“Why is this special to you?”

“How do you know when your friends are sad?”

Asking children open-ended questions helps them to think critically and expand their vocabulary. It also builds their confidence, aiding their personal, emotional and social development.

In these Confident Talkers cards, I’ve put together 48 such questions to engage and stimulate conversation with children from two to seven years.

Each card contains a thought-provoking question that can be adapted to any number of situations – inside or out and about, playing quietly, on the go, in the car or at the dinner table. You can use different scenarios and objects to set the scene, such as using something the child has created, describing what their lunch tastes like or discuss how they feel about a special event, such as their birthday or other celebration.

By encouraging conversation children learn new words and concepts, develop active listening skills, learn to problem solve and make connections, and most […]

NMT Top 20 – 2015

I am honoured to be included in the NMT and Barclays Top 20 inspirational people in the UK for the second year. It is inspiring to see so many other colleagues on this list who also make an impact within Early Years education.


New Organisation for Early Years – NEYTCO

Please see this link to Nursery World on the new Community Interest Company for Early Years Trainers and Consultants in the UK and beyond.

It is a privilege to be the founder and CEO of this dynamic organisation.

Visits to other settings

I am currently putting together a list of providers who welcome other providers and educators to their setting as a way of sharing their pedagogy practice. This also includes providers who organise professional development days.

All providers are welcomed to share their details:

Children Centres
Nursery Schools
Out-Of-School Clubs
Stay and Play

The list will be included on the NEYTCO website, which is the new Community Interest Company for Early Years Trainers and Consultants.

If you would like to be included on the list, please feel free to email me.

Thanks in advance,


EARLY YEARS: valuable ends and effective means

New informative report from the Centre Forum: Sets out ways that early years policy can narrow the opportunity gap between disadvantaged children and their peers.

NMT – Childcare Power 20

Croydon-based international award winning Early Years expert Laura Henry has been included in the “power 20” list of the most influential people in childcare in the UK, as compiled by Nursery Management Today (NMT) magazine. NMT is the childcare sector management bi-monthly journal.

Paul Birley, Head of Public Sector & Healthcare at Barclays, stated: ‘It is therefore important we recognise those people that have made a real difference…they have had a major influence on others. By show-casing these people who have made a difference, we believe we are helping to inspire others to continue to drive up quality in the sector.’ The award was sponsored by Barclays Bank.

As one of the 20 most influential people in childcare, Laura was invited to the awards dinner at Barclays’ head office in Canary Wharf on Thursday 29th May 2014.

Laura was surprised to be nominated by her peers; she commented: ‘There are many talented colleagues working within Early Years […]

Effective and Safer Recruitment

Please see Nursery World for my new four part monthly series on Effective and Safer Recruitment.

RIGHT from the start early years good practice films: assessment

New from Ofsted:

‘RIGHT from the start’ is a suite of six films showing examples of good practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).