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Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child 2017

Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child

The Second National Early Years

Safeguarding and Child Protection Conference

Friday 3rd November 2017

The Light, Friends House, 173 – 177 Euston Road, London. NW1 2BJ

Conference Twitter Hashtag: #EYSPEC


This important and thought-provoking conference was organised to support the Early Years sector, to enable educators to work proactively in a solution-driven and collaborative environment with children and their families.

The first conference was held on 4th November 2016 and was a resounding success and in light of this Laura has agreed to make it an annual event in honour of Victoria Climbié, to celebrate her birthday and reflect on what we need to do.

This second conference built on the success of the first conference and to enable more of the sector to share the important messages of this full and inspiring day, Laura arranged for the conference to be filmed.

Conference Recording

Access to the recording, including the exclusive Stuart Shanker interview will be provided free of charge to members of Laura’s Early Years Club and the Delegates who attended the conference.

The recording and film will also soon be available for other interested Early Years Professionals for a small fee. Full details of the Speakers and the content of the Conference is detailed below.

Please email: admin@LauraHenryConsultancy.com for more information


Keynote Speakers and Content

Mine Conkbayir – NEyTCO Training & Development Director, Speaker, Lecturer and Author

Mine Conkbayir is tireless in her work to inform educators, parents and policy makers about the importance of early brain development and neuroscience in the care of our youngest citizens. As the Training and Development Director, Mine works closely with NEyTCO in order to better implement their vision for Early Years consultants and trainers, improve quality and promote better understanding of child development and the incredible long term benefits of early intervention.

She writes extensively on subjects concerning the childcare sector including teacher education, Early Years continuing professional development, trainee and newly qualified practioners, psychology and education, childhood and youth studies and philosophy of education. Her articles regularly feature in publications including Teach Early Years, the Times Educational Supplement (TES) and Early Years Childcarer Magazine.

Mine is the author of “Early Childhood Theories and Contemporary Issues” (Nov 2014) and also her second book, Early Childhood and Neuroscience: Theory, Research and Implications for Practice saw her receiving Nursery World 2017 Highly Commended Award.

Keynote Speech: The Power of Connection. A Risk We All Need to Take to Safeguard Every Child.

Dr Stuart Shanker

Stuart Shanker, D Phil (Oxon), is a distinguished research professor emeritus of psychology and philosophy from York University and the creator of The MEHRIT Centre and the Self Regulation Institute. He is a former president of the Council of Early Child Development. His expertise has been sought internationally as an adviser on early child development and self-regulation to school boards and government organizations. Dr Shanker’s five-step Self-Reg model — The Shanker Method®– is a powerful process for understanding and managing stress in children, youth and adults

An internationally acclaimed speaker, educator and author, Dr. Shanker has written many influential books and articles including the top selling educational book, Calm, Alert and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation (Pearson 2012). His newest book, Self-Reg: How to help your child (and you) break the stress-cycle and successfully engage with life. (Penguin 2016) has garnered glowing reviews around the world being published in Canada, Britain, the US, South Korea, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and The Netherlands, with further translations and foreign editions in the works.

Keynote Speech: Self-Regulation and Vulnerable Children
Joining Dr. Shanker in this interview style presentation will be Dr. Susan Hopkins executive director of the MEHRIT Centre Dr Shanker’s Self-Reg learning and information centre.

This presentation will cover self-regulation, it’s relationship to children’s stress and well-being, and how Shanker Self-Reg® can be used to enhance self-regulation in children dealing with trauma. Dr. Shanker will outline findings from neuroscience that illuminate the workings of the human stress response system, it’s relationship to self-regulation and how “stress cycles” can lead to an overactive and “kindled” stress response system that can impact children’s development, learning and day-to-day functioning. They will also outline The Shanker Method®, a five-step method will can help educators and parents understand, recognize, and respond to stress in all children.

This presentation has been recorded for the Conference and the author of the questions is Laura Henry. Following this screening there will be a question and answer session chaired by Laura.

Leroy Logan MBE, PhD, BSc

Leroy has over 30 years practical policing experience and related work with the UK Justice System which includes being a founder member, and past Chairman of both the London and National Black Police Association.
As the Deputy Borough Commander of Hackney, Leroy contributed significantly in the borough receiving three consecutive Commissioner’s Commendations (2004 – 2007) for delivered top performance in service delivery out of all the boroughs in the Metropolitan Police Service.
Leroy has a wealth of experience in equality and human rights frameworks, both at a national and international basis as well as being a strategic and local adviser in developing community assessment of need and risk in vulnerable groups, especially in young people, and where to effectively deploy assets.

Keynote Speech: Who is safeguarding the 1000s of young people at risk to knife / gun crime & how it has to be dealt with
The problem of young people being at risk to knife and gun crime is worse now, even more so than when in my term as a police officer, the reason being we are no closer to getting to the heart of the problem being, why is violence so endemic in our youth culture. Arresting people, stop and search and other measures are not working, in fact they can create fear and alienation for the target group we are trying to support.
We see spending cuts in services that could engage with young people. We need to engage with the target group, not alienate them, advocate for them. In my experience in my East London group “Spark for Life” we are working with young people every single day and what they need is someone to support them so they don’t go back to the same peer group, the same area, they don’t go back to the same type of behaviour. We need to break that pattern of behaviour and develop positive peer to peer mentoring. Young people have the answers, they can support each other, that’s what we need to do

Hibo Wardere – Author, Campaigner and Public Speaker

Hibo Wardere is a specialist and campaigner around FGM issues. She was born in Somalia, she moved to London, to flee the Somali Civil War. She currently works as a mediator and a regular FGM educator for Waltham Forest Borough. Her testimonials and campaigning work have appeared in publications including the Telegraph, the Guardian and on the BBC.

Keynote Speech: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the effect this has for Early Years
Hibo will be speaking about her own experiences, which she has written about in her book, CUT, and the current work she does to raise awareness of FGM and the impact on survivors of this abuse. She will cover the different types of FGM, health consequences, FGM and the law, culture and religion, FGM and Safeguarding all with the aim to increase the knowledge of practitioners around dealing with FGM

Jane Evans – Parenting and Childhood Trauma Expert

Jane Evans is widely known for her TEDxBristol talk on childhood anxiety, ‘Taming and Tending Your Meerkat Brain’. She began her career with children and families over two decades ago working in pre-schools and as a childminder, family support and parenting worker, and as a foster carer. Jane is now a renowned TV, radio and social media parenting and childhood trauma expert.
Jane combines her vast experience of working with families with complex needs with her knowledge of the latest neuroscience and attachment research. She regularly speaks to, and trains, others to understand and use this in their direct work with children and families.
Jane is a sought-after parenting and anxiety coach and an acclaimed author of four books for children, which support complex needs.

Keynote Speech: Supporting Early Years Children who have lived with family and community based threat and violence
From over 20 years of direct work and her in depth studies of the impact of early trauma on all aspects of a child’s needs and development, Jane Evans speaks in an informed way on what we can do to support early year’s children who have lived with family and community based threat and violence. Jane will talk about how, when a child lives in a home where there is ongoing violence, the threat of violence and emotional abuse, how it has a profound impact on their physical, emotional and psychological development and well-being. For practitioners feeling able to address a child’s lived experience can seem daunting. Jane will look at simple ways to offer children some sense of safety within themselves and from connections with caring adults within the early year’s environment. Jane sees this as essential to meeting their ongoing vulnerabilities, to reducing their safeguarding risks and to offering them the greatest opportunities to live and flourish beyond their early trauma

Present and Panel Session

Ann Marie Christian – Specialist Education Safeguarding Consultant

Ann Marie is a child protection & safeguarding consultant and author. She qualified in 1996 and has worked in children’s social care for 20 years. Her roles have included team manager, front-line practitioner, LSCB trainer, LADO, safeguarding advisor and school improvement safeguarding advisor. Ann Marie has also managed a 0-5 safeguarding team and supported Early Years settings with training and consultancy in this role.

Roles and responsibilities of the designated safeguarding lead
We’ll be exploring the expectations and challenges of being the designated safeguarding lead both in theory and practice – discussing real cases and good practice. Child protection, safeguarding and safer recruitment: whose responsibility is it?

Jemma Mortlock – Director of Early Start Childcare & Education Ltd

Jemma is 36 years old, a wife and mother of 5 children, she has worked in and owned Early years’ settings for over 10 years and completed her Foundation degree in 2012.

She was born in Westminster and grew up in care from the age of 7, she was a ward of court till 25 years old. Her foster mother was a Black Jamaican woman, her biological mother is white British and her father is black Trinidadian.


Being in care, a story to share

Sarah Goff – Development Manager, Ann Craft Trust, Safeguarding Disabled Children Services

Sarah Goff has over twenty years’ experience in the fields of child protection and social care. Sarah is an expert in the field of safeguarding disabled children and her interests include the impact of domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation.

Listen to me! Don’t talk over me! Protecting Disabled Children; voices, choices, challenges



Conference Photo Gallery: 

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2017 Conference Sponsor

Christie & Co provide brokerage and advisory services to clients in the childcare, care, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. With over 80 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and insight to advise and support clients across a range of specialist services. We have the largest childcare team in the UK advising on all aspects of buying and selling childcare properties and nurseries, providing regional insight along with current market trends and specific local conditions.

2017 Conference Supporters


spark was inspired through a nursery’s needs and has continued evolving for over twenty years.

Tried, tested and acknowledged by Ofsted and National Awards. spark offers a range of solutions to assist in every way with the EYFS curriculum and administration, to repetitively embrace current and future needs within the industry.

One focus is to ‘help get it right’ for every child by making it easier for everyone involved; management, all levels of staff and parents.

The team at spark seeks to support users as they require it, to ensure each can gain as much as they desire from the range of features.

We are excited to attend this conference as we are currently planning software to support the safeguarding of children

RB Health & Safety Solutions Limited

RB Health and Safety Solutions have been provided high quality, common-sense health and safety advise and training since 2003. They have extensive experience of working with the Early Years sector and their strength lies in getting to know their individual clients’ requirements and working with those clients to provide a high quality bespoke tailored service.

We recognise how important it is for you to focus on delivering the best outcomes for the children in your care and will support you to ensure that your venue is a safe and healthy environment for children, parents and staff.

TASC Software Solutions Limited

In 1990 TASC Software Solutions Limited was an unknown software company with a single product and the promise of delivering on a new way of managing pupil information. They have since grown to become one of he largest companies in the Education Data Management sector in the UK. TASC Software continue to grow taking into consideration the needs of our Schools and Local Authorities.

We are looking to present CURA at this event. CURA is a user-friendly and secure child safeguarding software allowing quick, detailed logging on any concerns or niggles you may have. The software designed alongside Children’s services experts also offers comprehensive chronological reports, upload documents, body mapping, graphs, diary, genogram, tracking and more for use within your education establishment and evidence for external bodies such as Children’s Services, the Police and Ofsted for only a few pence per day. CURA is a must – not a maybe. “Intervention is key” NSPCC


NEyTCO – National Early Years Trainers and Consultants membership organisation was launched at a parliamentary event in December 2014. As a community interest company, NEyTCO has a distinct and valuable role to play in helping create a strong, sustainable and socially inclusive economy, serving to meet the needs of members.

NEyTCO provides training opportunities, business help and support for all those in the Early Years sector, as well as opportunities for members to learn, collaborate and share skills. NEyTCO also brings together experts to offer mutual support for trainers and consultants as well as a one-stop-shop for service buyers such as Early Years providers, local authorities, organisations, agencies, the government, schools and others in the private, voluntary or independent (PVI) sector.

We are excited to be supporting Laura again this year for this important and thought provoking conference and are looking forward to engaging with all of the Early Years professionals attending.

Pre-school Learning Alliance

The Pre-school Learning Alliance is the largest and most representative early years membership organisation in England. A registered educational charity, the Alliance represents 14,000 member settings and supports them to deliver care and learning to over 800,000 families every year.

The Alliance’s vision is a society where every child enjoys the same opportunity to learn through play.

We believe that families should be at the centre of policy-making and we work hard to empower parents to become more involved with their child’s learning and development.

Virtual Support UK Ltd 

Virtual Support UK Limited was founded  in early 2011 and one of their first clients was Laura Henry. During the years that followed, VSUK worked in many different sectors and grew a large client base. Through working with Laura over the years, the love for the Early Years Sector grew, and on supporting Laura at the first Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child, the decision was made to specialise in this niche area, calling upon the knowledge and experience that had grown by working with Laura, NEyTCO and other trainers, consultants and therapists – the “Caring Professions”

We feel privileged to be supporting Laura at this inspiring conference again this year and also to be a part of this wonderful sector