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Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child

Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child 

The National Early Years
Safeguarding and Child Protection Conference


This important and thought-provoking conference has been organised to support the Early Years sector, to enable educators to work proactively in a solution-driven and collaborative environment with children and their families.


In January 2016, prompted by the number of questions and queries that sector colleagues were posting on social media, as well as cuts in professional development that link to safeguarding and child protection awareness, Laura Henry sensed a need for a group on Facebook and started Early Years Safeguarding and Child Protection. The group is very successful and is the go-to place for colleagues to share and ask questions on safeguarding and child protection issues. This can only help to ensure that every child is protected and kept safe. There are close to 4,000 members now in this bespoke group and it was from this small start that Laura felt there was a need to come together and explore some of the issues.

The first conference was held on 4th November 2016 and was a resounding success and in light of this Laura has agreed to make it an annual event in honour of Victoria Climbié, to celebrate her birthday and reflect on what we need to do.

The second conference was held on 3rd November 2017 and built on the success of the first conference, and further persuaded Laura that this does need to be an annual event.

The third conference was held for the first time on a Saturday (3rd November 2018) to enable more of Early Years Professionals to attend. It was even more successful and well-attended than the previous years, with all tickets selling out.

The fourth conference was changed in line with the 30th Anniversary of the International Rights of the Child, which was held on 2nd November 2019.