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Supporting Companies and Organisations


Offering expert advice to companies and organisations that provide services and products to children and families.

I have acted as an expert advisor to television production companies, market researchers and a range of suppliers whose products are for children and families.

“Laura Has used her Early Years expertise to support Three Stone Media, with our children’s properties. Her knowledge has been invaluable bring a new dimension to our productions”         Greg Boardman, Managing Director, Three Stones Media Ltd

I have offered Early Years support to Action Amanda, which provides bespoke parties and weekly sessions to children. Amanda also has a celebrity client list that includes David and Victoria Beckham.

“Laura has helped me to link Early Years language into my work with children. She is always at hand to offer advice and support. Laura has written guidance for me to share with others, so they too have an understanding of how fitness and fun links to early learning”

Amanda, Founder and MD

I have worked with DC Thomson in developing their pre-school publishing projects

“With her wealth of experience and knowledge of Early Years children and education, Laura was a natural choice to work with us on our pre-school publishing projects. We worked closely on magazine development and were delighted with our result. Laura is a charm to work with – always professional and allowing us to be created while keeping the reader firmly in mind. I would not hesitate to recommend Laura to prospective clients”

Alexandria Turner, Innovations Editor, DC Thomson