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The Creator’s Inner Child Series

I was delighted to be interviewed by The Children’s Media Conference for The Creators Inner Child series.

It was an emotional interview and I had the opportunity to share what I do.

Please watch here: 

Relationships and Connections

Part of my ‘why’ has always been about relationships and connections on a global level.


This short clip shows a number of inspiring people that I have connected with.


JoJo and Gran Gran in the media

It has been more than two weeks since the first 11 episodes of JoJo and Gran Gran aired on CBeebies. The next 11, will be available in the summer, 11 in the autumn and the final 11 of the series in the winter. The current 11 episodes are all available on BBC-iplayer.

Here is a short clip of my speech from the private pre-screening.

In addition, this is from BBC news online, where I shared a few stories about my grandmother.