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Webinar: Laura in Conversation with Lisa Smith

I have decided to share the recent recording with Lisa Smith rather than offer it as a paid resource. I feel that those who are working with children and their families should know more about the Roma, Traveller and Gypsy community and how they can support them.

This is a useful professional development resource that can be shared, enabling educators to reflect and review their practice, policy and procedures.

Lisa is a Romany Traveller from Worcestershire. Her early childhood was spent travelling around Wales but large concrete boulders started decorating entrances to stopping places and evictions became more regular.

Access to schooling became of paramount importance to her parents, who settled in Worcestershire.

She has been working within a Traveller education service for the last eight years, completed a masters’ degree in Inclusive Education in January 2016, and is vice-chair for The Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers.

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