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Webinar! Self-Evaluation and Reflective Practice

Self-Evaluation and Reflective Practice

A highly interactive webinar that will help educators gain the skills to evaluate their own practice; it is vitally important that educators can sustain effective self-evaluation.

Webinar Intentions:

  • To encourage reflective practice and self-evaluation.
  • To establish links to training and continuous personal and professional development.
  • To recognise how to involve children in the process of self-evaluation.
  • To support educators to critique their own practice.
  • To emphasise the importance of parental involvement.
  • To discuss why evaluative language is important, especially when completing the Ofsted SEF and other reflective practice tools and audits.
  • To consider how to evidence peer support.
  • To develop a reflective log.

Participants will receive:

  • How to participate in a webinar’ instructions
  • Presentation and Handouts

Investment is only: £35:00 + VAT

(For trainers and companies an additional licence investment –
please email for further information.)

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To register your interest and for further information please email: Admin@LauraHenryConsultancy.com